Georgian Bay, ON - Lukas Ley

My Watermark is Georgian Bay near Parry Sound, ON.

I was invited on a trip to Parry Sound by the father of my ex-partner. He was an eco-toxicologist or specialist in chironomus species, which is basically larvae, that live in the bottom of lakes.

I am definitely not a specialist, so I was invited on this trip to learn about chironomus on this and their existence in the lake. But also as a assistant to participate in samples, and taking samples from the lake bottom.

So with my ex-partner and her father, we went out on the lake in a small boat that we rented. We saw a really interesting sample, by letting down a particular probing machine. We then pulled it up and saw this larvae in the mud and captured them. We gave them names or gave the ‘sample’ a name.

I guess that is not only how I was experiencing the Georgian Bay, and its beauty but also in its depth. It is definitely a deep waterbody. I remember that day clearly because we also took time to stop and swim in the lake. It was very choppy and picturesque.

Georgian Bay, ON
Charly Caproff
Lukas Ley

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