Caribbean Sea, Colombia - Maria Amaya

My Watermark is the Caribbean Sea in Colombia.

Last year we visited Colombia, the country I am from. My partner Jason, my stepdaughter Elma, my stepson Ezra, my parents in law Chuck and Camilla, my mom Cecilia, my two sons Tomas, Sammy and myself (Maria) spent 10 days in Santa Marta, a city in the Caribbean.

While swimming in the ocean, one of my kids, Tomas said that sand is fish poo. Then all the kids started giving explanations on why the theory that is fish is poo made sense. They finally convinced my that it could be a possibility that sand is part poo and part something else. After several minutes of talking we decided to write a book, with all the theories my kids came up with. We haven't started but it will happen and we will call it, 'fish poo!'

Dana Jackson
Maria Amaya

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