Pacific Ocean, Peru - Corinne Laporte

I feel connected to the Pacific Ocean on the coast of Peru. It was my first trip away from North America. I was with my school, and away from my parents as well. It was very cool because it was the first time I was seeing the ocean.

When I first saw the Pacific Ocean I just ran in it, because it was a public beach and everyone just ran into the water and was really happy to be there. I was there on exchange so we got to do this beach day for one day just to relax. Everyone was tanning on the beach and playing in the water.

I was fifteen when I went on that trip and I still think about it. Going to Peru was still the experience that changed my life.

I grew up by the Ottawa River, somewhat close because I live a bit outside of Montreal. However, close to my home town the water is all polluted from what’s coming down from Ottawa. People call it the ‘Brown River’ or ‘Greasy Water.’’There was always water around me, and I’ve been driven to water but it is not as pretty as the Atlantic Ocean.

Dana Jackson
Corinne Laporte

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