Burred Inlet, British Columbia - Angela Huang

Hi! My name is Angela, and this is a story about my first ever kayaking experience on a lake. So this happened three years ago in North Vancouver. I went kayaking for the first time as part of my girl’s scout activities at Deep Cove Kayak Centre, and we were all going to take our first ever kayaking lessons of our lives. I was excited and eager to try kayaking for the first time, and even though I had never tried it before, I couldn’t wait to go out on the water.
So after all the registering and signing in, we each got paired with a leader who was going to teach us how to kayak since it was our first time. I felt super excited and was completely ready to take my first ever attempt at kayaking. After some basic instructions for what to do when we get in the water, we finally hopped in and began kayaking. At first, I was a little shaky about what I was supposed to do in the water and how I was supposed to paddle so I don’t flip over and drown, but with my leader’s help, I quickly grasped the basics and began enjoying myself. When I was kayaking, all I could think was, “Oh my God, this is so cool!” It was an awesome feeling being out on the water and doing something like this, especially since it was my first time. I loved feeling the wind brushing against my face and the splash of the water, even though it was a little cold, and thoroughly enjoyed my time on the water.
When we were finished, I felt like I was on the verge of dropping over. Every bit of my muscles felt shaky and wobbly and I was down for two days straight, not able to move. I had no idea how tiring it was going to be, especially with my leader letting me do all the work instead (she was chilling behind me taking pictures…). Although it was really tiring, it was still worth it. It was super fun for me and ever since then my family has been going there every summer to kayak together. Now, it’s become one of the must-have family traditions that I look forward to every year.

Burred Inlet, BC
Po Brady Li
Angela Huang

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