Georgian Bay, ON - Stephanie Barron

My Watermark is Little Cove, on Georgian Bay, Ontario.

My boyfriend and I, in addition to three of our friends, headed towards Little Cove really early in the morning. Once we got there, we walked through a never ending path, with signs saying, “Beware of Bears.” So we all instantly realized we didn’t want to be there, and we ran to the end of the path. This led to Little Cove. Little cove is not little, in fact, it’s huge. The cove was in a U-shape, with pine trees, and rocks. The inside was rainy and misty; it was beautiful. The water looked cold, but my friends and I thought ‘you only live once,’ and we probably won’t get another chance to do this again. So we jumped in and went for a swim in the water. The water was really cold, but it was so refreshing and I kept thinking, I want to drink this water right now! The water was so clear, that we could see the rocks for meters and meters down.

I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, I’m really glad I did this!’ I would not have done this anywhere else. It almost reminded me of the movie Twilight, with the huge pine trees. It was just so beautiful.

Georgian Bay, ON
Mariam Jammal
Stephanie Barron

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