Venice Beach, USA - Ryan Whorms

My Watermark is the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles.

I was in California, Venice Beach on my only day out on the beach. I was surrounded by people, as I was just jumping up and down with the waves. Then I noticed, that people weren’t around me. I looked up and realized everyone was by the shore.
I turned around and I looked out at the water and saw a fin go by. It was probably 100 yards away from me!

I’m not a very good swimmer, so I made sure that I was out far enough, so that as soon as that wave went up, I could catch the wave, and swim back to shore. Once I finally got to shore, out of breath, I saw everyone pointing to the water saying, “Look Dolphins!”

I didn’t go back into the water for the rest of the day.

Pacific Ocean, USA
Stephanie Barron
Ryan Whorms

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