St. Lawrence River, QC - Richard Sanfacon

My name is Richard, Sanfacon. I ended up the Canadian geographic service as a hydrographer after my degree in geography. This is where I got my contact during my whole career with the waterbody. My experiences were great, I worked all along the river, different rivers, Ottawa River, Richelieu River, Lac St. Jean, Saginaw Fjord, St. Lawrence, Gulf of St. Lawrence, east of Nova Scotia, Labrador, Newfoundland and east of New England coast. There was a great experience, especially around Magdelen Islands in the gulf of St. Lawrence, really, very good memories. We were at the end of our 20s, early 30s and I spent 4 of 5 summers there in Magdelen Islands doing all the surveys around the island to do a couple of new charts. So we used to spend the summer there, four months, this is a fantastic souvenir.

Jessica Gordon
Richard Sanfacon

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