International Joint Commission Great Lakes Project - IAGLR 2018 created 25 watermarks.
At the International Association for Great Lakes Research Conference in 2018, the International Joint Commission (IJC) partnered with Swim Drink Fish and the Watermark Project to gather and share Watermarks. Your words, whether written, spoken or filmed, connect us with the personal, emotional and cultural ways that you use and value these precious bodies of water. For more information about the IJC, go to
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Jennifer Adams Peffer
Cranberry Lake, USA
Scott McNaught
Detroit River, ON
Ken Drouillard
Detroit River, ON
Natalie Klinard
Detroit River, USA
John Hartig
Humber River, ON
Mark Verschoor
Huron River, USA
Karlin Danielsen
Lake Huron, ON
Vincent Cheng
Lake Huron, USA
Devin Brant
Lake Huron, ON
Jeff Schaeffer
Lake Ladoga, Russia
Paul Wilburn
Lake Malawi, Malawi
Emily Tyner
Lake Michigan, USA
Andrew Casper
Lake Michigan, USA
Mary Ellen Miller
Lake Michigan, USA
Scott Sowa
Lake Superior, USA
Nancy Langston
Lake Superior, USA
Owen Gorman
Lake Victoria, Kenya
Kevin Obiero
Lake Volta, Ghana
Isaac Nyameke
Pacific Ocean, Guam
Jake Kvistad
Potomac River, USA
Frank Bevacqua
St. Clair River, ON
Oana Birceanu
St. Lawrence River, ON
Jeff Ridal
St. Lawrence River, QC
Richard Sanfacon