Lake Victoria, Kenya - Kevin Obiero

My name is Kevin Obiero I come from Kenya. It is a great opportunity to be in Canada to share some of the experiences in research at the IAGLR conference. This has been a good opportunity to see what is going on in the North American Great Lakes and through Watermark I’ve just learned that you can share your unique waterbody.

Back home in Kenya I’m involved in research in the African Great Lakes, specifically working on Lake Victoria. This is an amazing lake because it straddles almost three countries, shared by five basins and it really supports a huge population, really making sure that people get livelihoods, people get water for drinking, the basics. So it helps in sustaining their day to day activities.

Currently Lake Victoria is threatened with multiple stressors. During this conference we’ve had the opportunity to share on some of the avenues where we can solve these pressing challenges and learning from the experiences in the North American Great Lakes on how to conserve and manage our Lake Victoria for the future.

So that is why I decided to pass by the Watermark bench, share this amazing story that something can be done for Lake Victoria and together we can make it.

Jessica Gordon
Kevin Obiero

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