Lake Volta, Ghana - Isaac Nyameke

My Watermark is Pra River, Oti River, Ankobra River, Densu River, Tanu River and Lake Volta in Ghana.

Hi, my name is Isaac Nyameke, I’m from Ghana and I’m here at the IAGLR conference. I’d like to share my story about what we are doing in Ghana about water management. For the past 10 years it has been a big challenge in our country, the illegal gold miners are polluting the lake. There wasn’t a strong political will to stop them but thank God last year, there was a new change of government and a new government’s taken it upon themselves to make sure all the illegal mining stops so we can have our water back. Because our study we did shows that if we don’t take care and continue the pollution, by the next 10 years we’ll have to import water from China to drink. Because of the pollution there is much of the fish killed in the lake.

My organization is called Ghana Aquaculture and Fish Network. What we are trying to do is educate the community members and also the fish farmers not to pollute the lake. Also finding the ways of helping these community members to plant trees along the lake and not to have it as their wood. This is our story and we’re doing very great as of now!

Lake Volta, Ghana
Jessica Gordon
Isaac Nyameke

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