Lac la Biche, AB - Athena A

My watermark is Lac la Biche.

When I was young at the lake, I feared the bugs that lurked there. Dragonflies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets! I had too much to lose. Stepping onto the deck in fear “do I really want to go” I thought “I could get hurt!” Until I thought “what are the chances?” and stepped into the boat feeling refreshed, safe and free.

When I was young at the lake, I went fishing for fun. Not to eat the fish, not to pollute the water and not to destroy animal habitats. In the lake there were many many fish. Fish far out, fish up close and a fish in the boat! Scared in case a bear wanted to play, a shark wanted to attack or an alligator came up close! Then I remembered that I was safe and continued to fish. Trying my hardest but no success, then I found out a tug wasn't always a fish.

When I was young at the lake, I looked back wondering how far I went. Back there I saw my aunts with strawberries, uncles laughing and my mom waving back at me. Wishing my mom was by my side then, I felt my dad’s arm wrap around me making me feel happier. Gliding my hand across the cool, settle lake I thought to myself “ what an amazing view!”

As it started to get dark it was time to go back. “No! I won't I want to continue”. Not only was because it was fun, but the bugs at the deck were waiting for my return. Stepping onto to the cold, creaky deck I saw stars in the sky, Mosquitos attacking us and my mom looking over. I Running up to my mom, jumping into her arms and holding her tightly I thought to myself “Wow! What an amazing day it's been!”

Lac la Biche, AB
Athena A

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