Lake Huron, ON - Renee B

When I was young at the beach, I would always spend time with my family and all the people and my friends at Point Farms. We would always go swimming and biking and have fun doing it. In the warm night there would always be a lot of bugs and moths and mosquitoes. Every day I would see wild animals like bears and raccoons and geese , seagulls and lots of dogs.

When I was young at the beach, I would see lots of trees and plants and bushes. When I walked on the dry sand, my feet felt like they were burning but on the wet sand they were nice and cool. In the water there were stones and seaweed and lots of logs and twigs. I would always build sand castles with my brother, Ryan, and my friends. We would dig holes and we would bury each other in the sand.

When I was young at the beach, I remember adoring the smell and taste of the food and the candy and marshmallow’s and s’mores. Every night we would have a fire and roast hot dogs for dinner and pie irons for desert. I loved smelling the fresh cut wood and the the burning ashes after the fire and the sweet aroma of the cooked marshmallows.

I remember my week at Point farms is when we all go swimming and biking was my favourite thing to pass the time. When I go again, I would swim and bike and hike everyday, make s’mores and burgers and hotdogs. After my time at Huron lake was was done and we packed up to go home. I always slept on the way back home and get some Zzz’s.

Lake Huron, ON
Renee B

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