Pog Lake, ON - Ally O

My watermark is Pog Lake.

When I was young at Pog Lake, I would dip my toes into the cool fresh water, attempt to avoid squiggly seaweed, and canoe/kayak till my muscles ached. Some days I would try to fish with my dad never wanting to touch the bait. If I was lucky, I could help my mom and Nana pack food for picnics at the shore.

When I was young at Pog Lake, I would dig tunnels and dams in the sand pretending that I was a successful engineer. I would run, jump, and bound across the soft sand. I would search for the perfect skipping stones, hoping that i would beat my previous skip.

When I was young at Pog Lake, I would sit eating cookies, chips, and sandwiches watching the waves gently roll. On sunny days my cousins and I would cover ourselves in wet sand, racing into the lake to wash it off. I would splish, splash, and splosh in the deep blue water.

As the sun set I'd gaze at the the light reflecting on the water in awe. I didn't want to play at the campground or hike through the scenic paths. Pog Lake gave me some of my best memories and even over time those memories never fade.

Pog Lake, ON
Ally O

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