Georgian Bay, ON - Patrick G

My watermark is Georgian Bay.

When I was young at Georgian Bay I would run from the seagulls trying to steal my food. After I ran and they chased me. I would hide behind the sharp and jagged rocks. I was scared, tired and out of breath as the seagulls yelled at me hoping someone would save me.

When I was young at Georgian Bay I hiked up and down the mountainside waiting to find the tip. After finding the top I would look out over the bay. I could feel the brisk, cool and fresh air all around me . I would wait not looking forward to going all the way down again.

When I was young at Georgian Bay I would swim down into the cold depths until my feet went numb. I would swim with all the fish jumping up, down and twirling around having fun and playing games until the day was done.

As I walked along the edge of the water I would look out to the water looking in amazement as I gazed at the sunset waiting to see the sunrise again and again and it's always been enough. Even up to this day.

Georgian Bay, ON
Patrick G

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