Crawford Lake, ON - Aspen I

My watermark is Crawford lake, Ontario.

When I was young I loved playing around water, whether it was a sprinkler hose or water balloons it was always fun. I at the lake loved playing sports, a lot of sports to be exact like soccer basketball football and others. Whenever I went swimming someplace I’d always bring my favourite games to play in the water, such as the velcro toss and catch and a football to play catch.

When I was young during the summer and whenever it was always hot out, I always begged my parents to go swimming at the beach or just somewhere in general. It was the beach we went to, but we found a whole bunch of cool places and spots to go swimming such as Crawford lake. It didn't look like much at first but it was awesome, there were so many trees around it and the water was calm and all the birds were chirping.

When I was young at the lake, I stepped with caution not to accidentally slip in the water. The tasty sandwiches we ate as a snack after swimming, the fresh water and my mom giving me a can of ginger ale that I would crack open and let my tastebuds enjoy the pop. Having both my feet in the water at the same time and sitting on a rock enjoying my drink and snack and not having any worries on my mind.

After a full day of activities, the moon is rising and the sun is setting, hearing owls off in the distance and animals wrestling in the trees and bushes, walking on the pathway that brought us here back to the car, Exhausted in the car ride, I couldn’t help but to close my eyes for the ride back to my house. I was so tired and waiting to go in my bed to rest for the night. I would always wonder what tomorrow may bring.

Crawford Lake, ON
Aspen I

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