Lake Ontario, ON - Haely B

When I was young at the lake, I learned how to do stand up paddle boarding with my sister and her friend Lindsay. While my brother did kayaking with Taylor. By the end of it, I got bored and started jumping off of the board. We went back to the cabin to get food and behind the cabin there is a river at the river edge I remember staring down at the mosquito larvae. On the dock would I jumped and balance and spun while trying not to get a sliver, because the dock is very old.

When I was young at the lake, I went to the beach and I jumped and dive and float through the waves. I would play with my family and Lindsay and her older brother Taylor. The beach was connected to the ocean so when the water went in your mouth you could taste the salt in the water. Sometimes I would do handstands under the waves or a summersault. I remember my sister losing a water shoe we tried to find it by sadly we couldn't so we gave up. A couple minutes later Lindsey lost her snorkel we tried to find it for like two minutes and when we couldn’t find it we all knew it was in the ocean like Cheyenne‘s water shoe.

I remember going fishing in a little pond there and watching the others catch fish. I couldn't catch one thing so I started to think why did everyone else can catch a fish and not me. So I moved farther down the way and I finally did catch something and it was a crayfish. I remember that it gave dad the claw middle finger before going back to the pond. I hope to one day go back to Campbellford and do it all again!

Lake Ontario, ON
Haely B

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