Lake Nipissing, ON - Josh J

When I was young at the lake I would go on my boat with my family and just relax and do absolutely nothing. This would clear my mind of all the bad and I would concentrate on the good.

I would do this until it was time for dinner but sometimes I would just sleep through dinner because of how relaxed and totally zoned out I was. This is one of my favourite things to do at the lake and I will continue to do it.

When I was young at the lake I would go do water sports with my friends and siblings. We would do water skiing, tubing and body boarding. This is a really thrilling thing that I enjoy doing when I’m at the lake because of how fun it is and we go pretty fast too. When we go tubing my dad would always try to throw us in the water. I would rarely try water skiing because it’s challenging but the odd time I will. I love being outside in the water whenever I’m at the lake.

When I was young at the lake I would go fishing with my dad and brother. I would wake up early in the morning and the water would be as flat as glass and I can hear the beautiful birds chirping as I try to wake up. When we fished we would catch bass, pike and little perch. If we caught a big bass we would keep it and save it for later. When I catch a fish the adrenaline rush I got was just amazing and it made me want to do it all day everyday, especially when the fish was big. My dad called me “the king fish” because I would always catch the most and the biggest fish in my family. The lake is a great spot for fishing and I love doing it.

At the lake, I would go swimming from my dock to our neighbours dock. We would also go paddle boarding too just to be a bit faster. There are two paddle boards and one kayak so sometimes I would have to go in the kayak. The kayak is little and I was the only one out of my family that could fit. I went out far one day on the paddle board and then as I was trying to get back it got really windy. I could barely move the board at all and I was getting kinda scared. My dad ended up saving me but it was scary so I would never go out when it was windy. The lake is a perfect spot for paddle boarding, swimming and kayaking, you just have to go when it’s not windy !

Lake Nipissing, ON
Josh J

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