Lake Erie, ON - Mackenzie M

My Watermark is Lake Erie on Port Stanley Beach.

When I was young at the beach. I walked across the bridge, I saw people swimming and having fun, I could smell the restaurant Mackie’s from a mile away. I loved the sound of fresh popcorn kernels popping everyday. Whenever I went to the beach it was really cold, but my mom would still make me wear sunscreen!

When I was young at the beach I used to hide in the water with all the fish. I would love building sandcastles and jumping over waves and playing Marco Polo. I loved seeing my friends and meeting new people and eating ice cream with brother. I always loved to feel the rocks by the shore and then throw the rock and watch the rock sink.

When I was young at the beach, I collected seashells and rocks and sticks. I remember hearing the seagulls and watching them fly everywhere. I loved having picnics there and laughing with my family, I never wanted these moments with my family to end.

I remember as soon as I left the beach I missed it all, the rocks the seagulls and the fish. Even if I move away I will always have a piece of Port Stanley Beach in my heart.

Lake Erie, ON
Mackenzie M

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