Bay of Fundy, NS - Joshua C-C

My watermark is the Bay of Fundy.

When I was a young at the Bay of Fundy I used to camp with my grandparents, my parents and my brother. At the bay of Fundy there were a lot of people that wanted to see the water rise, the water recede and walk in the mud and have fun at the park. At the Bay of Fundy people were allowed to go down to the water level and walk around and explore until a certain time. While I was walking and playing in the mud my shoe got stuck in the mud and I almost lost it because the mud was very sticky. Once I got my shoe I walked around and I noticed the rocks were formed into really cool rock forms, I asked my dad how this happened and he said they were formed over millions of years.

When I was young at the Bay of Fundy we went to a restaurant that was in the park. Outside the restaurant there was a patio and inside there was lots of tables. The main thing that people ordered were hotdogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. While eating and looking at the water there were lots of different birds like peregrine falcons, piping plovers and seagulls; they are there because of the fish that live in the ocean.

When I was young at the Bay of Fundy we were down on the mud flats and I noticed that there was a lot of cool things in the mud. The best was the feeling of mud in my toes. The guide told everyone it was time to go because the water was rising, too many people were getting stuck and the birds were starting to circle the area we were in. When we reached the stairs to start climbing up off the ocean floor the stairs began to fill with water. When the tide completely came in, the water was as high as it could be, you could see the fish swim, the birds circling and the people looking down at the water.

When we came back to look at the water I pointed and said, we were down there walking around now it’s filled with water, mud and fish! While the water was crashing in and out the water would carve out the rocks. Over and over to make the cool rock formations. At the Bay of Fundy we saw high tide, low tide and all the wonders of nature that come with both.

Bay of Fundy, NS
Joshua C-C

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