Thames River, ON - Liam L

When I was young at the Thames river I would skip stones with my sister, dad and mom it would always be fun to skip stones. My record was 8 and my dad's was 14. My sisters record was 7 she would always throw too hard and too far.

I remember the gardener snakes they were huge and sometimes small. I remember picking up the snakes and throwing them around like an angry child I was only bit once and that was enough to not do it again. There was a tree that had limp branches and I remember that sometimes when I got bored I would take some branches and mess around with them. That was always fun.

When I was young at the Thames river I remember that whenever the tides were low there would be a ledge of rocks so me and my sister would have to go down a hill to get there. We would be able to skip stones and look for some interesting stuff like bugs and strange rocks. I remember fishing far up the river to catch some I asked my grandpa why and he said no one ever comes up here so there’s no garbage. That’s what my grandpa would say.

When I was young I would go to the Thames River to play disc golf a sport I have very fond memories of with the Thames River. When I was young I would sometimes throw my frisbee into the water it was always embarrassing I would get laughed at and those frisbees cost a lot. When I was young at the Thames there was a frisbee on the other side of the river. When I was young at the Thames River I would sometimes go fishing there and I noticed there were no fish at least not in this part.

When I was young by the Thames River I would close my eyes and imagine the thames river clean and unpolluted where animals thrive and don't die.

Thames River, ON
Liam L

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