Georgian Bay, ON - Jade L

When I was young at Manitoulin island, I left the ship with my family, looking around at a completely different environment. Smelling fresh, clean and crisp air. Seeing clear water and small shops everywhere. As we passed a couple of shops, one that caught my eye was a small store that was selling fish and chips. As I walked by, the store filled the air with the aroma of french fries.

When I was young at Manitoulin island arriving at the lodge was the most peaceful,calming and quiet experience. Walking around the lodge felt as if all the stress automatically left my body and was replaced by calmness. Seeing the subtle water was like a picture. Everything was in its place. Nothing needed to be moved and nothing needed to be added.

When I was young at Manitoulin island. I sat down on the dock staring at the water, feeling the cold, clear and blue water on my feet. Wind breezing through my hair, I hear birds flying to the pebbles landing for water. Seeing the subtle waves pushing further and further each time. Trees, flowers and bushes surrounding the perimeter of the water. I hear water rushing to the dock crashing into a crisp splash, fisherman’s rods flying into the water making soft ripples in the water. Constant peaceful breaths of fresh air. Swishing sounds of canoe paddles hitting the surface of the water. Hearing each an every sound never got old. It brought relaxation and a tingly sensation to my body.

I remember that in the evening, my grandfather and I would sit on the porch of the cabin looking at the scenery and eating seasoned sunflower seeds. Taking a break and eating a small snack makes me feel like I’m taking a small break from the “Real” world. Being in Manitoulin island was like time stopped and I wasn’t rushed to finish everything.

Georgian Bay, ON
Jade L

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