Circle R Ranch Pond, ON - Gigi B

My watermark is Circle R Ranch Pond.

When I was young at Circle R Ranch, my group would line up for the swim test. One by one, we took turns swimming across the foot deep shallow end of the pond, trying not to touch the squishy bottom. Then, over to the deep end to tread the murky pond water. In groups of three we would race over to the raft and back as our third and final test. After the tests, we would have around 10 minutes to play in the pond as a group.

When I was young at Circle R Ranch, I'd wake up at the crack of dawn to go down to polar bear swim. When I first got down there, I would take an anxious look at the steam coming off the enormous pond. I put my towel on Clifford the big red rack, placing it carefully not to peel another large piece off the already peeling rack. Even though the water was warmer than the crisp morning air, it was still frigid. I would position myself on the dewy dock, ready to plunge but to petrified of what was lurking below. So I counted myself down, 3,2,1. I took a leap of faith and in an instant my body would submerge into the dark pond water.

When I was young at Circle R Ranch, I would go boating. We could go kayaking or canoeing. We would play tag with a ball. I would always pick kayaking so that I could join the kayak flipping tournament. Two at a time we would flip our water filled boats and compete to see who could get back in the fastest. I would go to the parts of the pond where no one swims and just sit there in my boat, feeling my skin tan as I wait to spot pond wildlife like Reggie the biggest snapping turtle in the pond.

As the sun set, my group would head down to the campfire. At the water's edge sat three rows of benches underneath a large old tree. We would whisk the sun away by singing fun peppy camp songs and participating in funny skits. The night slowed down as the time ticks close to lights out, the songs slow down and the skits disappear until the next night. We end the night with the Circle R Ranch song. Good night.

Gigi B

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