Georgian Bay, ON - Lucas L

When I was young at the island, I went with my parents, cousin and grandma on a boat to Flowerpot island, located in Georgian Bay. On the trip there, we would marvel at our surroundings; the clear water underneath the see-through glass, or the lush forests of the islands that we speedily passed by, or the shining, bright blue sky above it all. Soon, we would reach our destination.

When I was young at the island, my cousin and I would play along the rocky beaches, with the Flowerpots in full view. We would wade in and feel the soft, slippery and squishy sea moss under our feet. We would walk along the rocky shore to find bits and pieces of driftwood to play with.

When I was young at the island, my family and I would walk along a trail that looped the entire island, with the natural wildlife on all sides. The cool, crisp and shaded trail was a pleasant contrast to the blistering sun just beyond the canopies of trees.

My time there created a memory which I shall never forget. I can still remember the sound of the waves created by the tour boats which passed by. It was a really interesting experience and I hope to go there again someday.

Georgian Bay, ON
Lucas L

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