St. Lawrence River, QC - Varun B

My watermark is the St. Lawrence River.

When I was young at the St. Lawrence River, I would look at vast and never-ending expanse of water and the endless supply of tiny islands scattered throughout. I would bask in the sunlight being careful not to burn myself. The cool, misty and refreshing breeze was always there if the heat became overly powerful. The tiny island covered by tall, green trees in the distance would make me wonder how life would be for someone who lived there.

When I was young at the St. Lawrence River, I would stand out on the edge of the boat, looking out for animals. I would try to dodge the huge, annoying and endless swarms of tiny flies look for a snack. Every once in a while I would see a seagull swoop down looking for food. Some birds even landed on the roof, most likely tired and looking for a ride.

When I was young at the St. Lawrence River, I would munch on chips, chocolate and candy right up until it was lunchtime. At lunch we would devour our tiny hot dogs and savor our delicious ice cream. After our bellies were full we visited the historic, informing and amazing island where one of the many battles of the war of 1812 took place, and now where a mansion from the Gilded age stands.

As the adventurous day was coming to an end, I would try to gaze upon all the amazing sights to absorb all the information I could. This amazing, epic and stunning adventure was finally at its end. I was never a great adventurer, I never wanted to climb to mountain tops or camp in the depths of the forest. But this trip was one I couldn’t miss.

Varun B

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