Boulevard Lake, ON - Kira C

My watermark is Boulevard Lake.

When I was young at Boulevard Lake, I built small but beautiful sandcastles with leaves and twigs that would make it come to life, I prowled through the shallow water in my own world playing games with my friends and I would swing up and down on the playground feeling the wind blowing my hair and wondering where the water went.

When I was young at Boulevard Lake, me and my friends would have picnics laughing and larking away, I would run around with my brothers giggling and tackling one-another and riding our bikes along the still, blue lakeside reflectIng the sky, creating a world beneath ours.

When I was young at Boulevard Lake, I liked to play in the park and ride on the large, plastic dinosaurs, pretending that I was their keeper, I would sit alone on the soft warm sand and stare into the clear sparkly water and wait for tiny fish to come my way and watch them wave their fins goodbye as they swiftly swam away.

Now I live away, away from the familiar waters that I would swim in, away from the park that would make so many memories and though I can’t see Boulevard Lake anymore I know it will always be there when I come back so It’s fine.

Boulevard Lake, ON
Kira C

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