Lake Erie, ON - Ayak N

When I was young at Lake Erie I would lie on the waves and float away like I'm in a magical place all by myself. I was so peaceful and quiet and relaxing until would my mom yells not to go too far and that's when she ruined it all. My sister and I and my cousin's always use to do a contest who can get dirty the fastest and jump into the water and do it all over again.

When I was young at Lake Erie, lunchtime was my second favourite thing to do. We would always drive up to this sandwich shop or we would bring our own food which I preferred better. We would eat chicken nuggets and oranges and apple juice. After no one could hold any more food in their stomach they would go throw the rest in of the food in the garbage but of course, I was smart and I fed the rest of my food to the birds.

When I was young at Lake Erie I would always want to go on a boat but my mom would say no and that I was probably way too young, I would be so mad at my mom but she would say that we could go next time. So I would just imagine myself on a boat with the air blowing through my mouth and my nose and hair. When we left we went through a pathway to our car and that's when I saw the Ontario flower for the first time it was so beautiful I wanted to take the Trillium home but my mom said no of course so I respected the flower and let it be.

When I was young at Lake Erie, we would get ice cream at the end of the trip. I would get Oreo flavoured ice cream that was my favourite flavour. My ice cream would melt drip and drop and splat I got my whole shirt dirty I would have cookie crumbs on my whole face. When we left I would tug on my mom's shirt to ask if we could come back another time and she would say yes of course.

Lake Erie, ON
Ayak N

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