Lake Ontario, ON - Kaedence K

My Watermark is Lake Ontario at Wasaga Beach.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach, I would sit in the shallow water trying to find seashells and rounded rocks for my Betta fish. I would try and find fish and I would need to hop across the sand so I wouldn’t burn my feet.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach, It would be hot and windy and isolated from the public beach located next to Wasaga. When I was younger I would socialize with the other residents coming to relax.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach, the wind would be cold and wet and harsh on my wet skin, throwing my wet hair around mercilessly. I would try and swim a new distance every day, trying to reach one of the nearing sandbars.

I remember picking up random things on the shore for my fish and being told not to litter. The beach would have water bottles left there and wrappers floating around.

Lake Ontario, ON
Kaedence K

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