Lake Erie, ON - Keller R.O

My watermark is the Lake Erie.

When I was young at Lake Erie I went surfing with my brothers. I remember sitting on the beach waiting for a family friend to bring me my surfboard. When I took my first step on to the board I wobbled, feeling as though I was going to fall but I managed to get back on my feet. I felt nervous but comforted in knowing that my brothers were with me.

When I was young at Lake Erie I went swimming but it wasn't just swimming. At first it was a race, then the race turned out to be a competitive race with me, my brothers and my mom's friend’s grandchildren. We were ready and confident ‘’start’’ my yelled my mom, so we swam. I could hear everybody’s feet kicking the water but I couldn't see anything with the water splashing my face as I swam faster.

When I was young at Lake Erie, the sky got darker as the hours passed by. I did not realize how late it had gotten as I was having too much fun to pay attention to the time. I got to roast some marshmallows, and in the end my parents roasted them for me because I kept burning mine. It’s not my fault it was my first time trying. I couldn't argue with my parent ….. They made good marshmallows.

I went exploring. The first thing I did was wandering through the woods with my family, but my mom didn’t want to go us. So she stayed with my sister who was unfortunately too little to go with me, my brothers and my dad.

Lake Erie, ON
Keller R.O

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