Lake Ontario, ON - Susanna E

My watermark Is Lake Ontario.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I heard the birds chirping happily in the hot summer day. I wondered how a bird could make such a wonderful sound. How turtles grew so big and stayed together for a long time.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I’d sit on the rocks after I ate my lunch and watch the river flow. To see the birds land on the rocks that were placed in the lake. When I was done making sand balls I would throw them one at a time into the water and watch them dissolve slowly. I would sit down at the edge of the water to hear the sound of ripples, and watched the birds slowly fly away.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I waited on the cold wet soggy sand to dip my toes into the deep warm water. As soon as I dipped my feet in the water they would turn cold and I would give up and say there’s no point in going in that lake. Even if the water was cold I still dipped the soft edges of my fingers into the water. I would sit down in the sand and lift up the empty turtle eggs and toss them in the water.

When I was young at Tommy Thompson Park I would see the snails and bring them on to the sand so that if they wanted they could go on one the logs that were sitting in the lake, they could. The shells of the snails were very smooth but, their other parts of the body were slimy and gooey. I watched the sunset over the lake and said bye to the snails. I had lots of fun in the water but it was time to come home. I would always think about what other animals there could be in the water.

Lake Ontario, ON
Susanna E

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