Detroit River, USA - Ambreena D

My watermark is the Detroit River.

When I was young at the Detroit River, I would visit my grandparents often. I remember the drive to the restaurant we would always go to. I looked out the window every time and I would watch the sparkling waves, the swimming fish, and the loud seagulls at the Detroit river.

When I was young at the Detroit River I would sit by the side of the water with my brother on the rocks and watch fish, waves, and boats pass by.

When I was young at the Detroit River I would save up as many quarters so that my brother and I could look out the sightseeing machines and see the other side of the river, cars zooming by ,flags waving in the wind, and kids on the other side doing the same things as us. We would admire all the tall and beautiful buildings on the other side of the Detroit River

Every time I would go to the Detroit River, I would feel, taste, and smell the mist of water blowing onto my face when the wind blows the water from the river up onto my face. I would always visit the park and swing on the swings, climb the monkey bars, and slide on slides. I would always have a full stomach because my grandma would feed us a lot when we came over. I loved every moment of being at the Detroit River and it will be a very big lasting memory of my childhood forever. I will never forget the Detroit River.

Detroit River, USA
Ambreena D

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