Louise Arbour FIPS, TVDSB Watermark Collection 2019 created 24 watermarks.
The students of Katarina Milinkovic at Louise Arbour French Immersion P.S. wrote and contributed their Watermarks in the month of May.
Aegean Sea, Greece
Demetria C
Athabasca Glacier, AB
Peyton R
Atlantic Ocean, Cuba
Hannah R
Atlantic Ocean, Dominican Republic
Nyla N
Ausable River, ON
Jayson B
Detroit River, USA
Ambreena D
English Channel, UK
Carys S
Georgian Bay, ON
Nathan B
Lake Erie, ON
Cameron RS
Lake Erie, ON
Keller R.O
Lake Erie, ON
Owen C
Lake Erie, ON
Tavia T
Lake Huron, ON
Abdul S
Lake Huron, ON
Alice L
Lake Huron, ON
Kaleb K
Lake Huron, ON
Lauren M
Lake Huron, ON
Malik MM
Lake Joseph, ON
Zoe P
Lake Nipissing, ON
Will M
Lake Ontario, ON
Susanna E
Niagara Falls, ON
Katie P
Thames River, ON
Emma K
Thames River, ON
Kseniya B
Dead Sea, Israel
Nikol C