Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh - Maisha Zaman

My name is Maisha Zaman, and last year, my family and I went to Bangladesh for a vacation.When we went there, I had tons of fun. I did many things that took awesome to the next level, like when my family went to a beach. I remember one specific day where my dad, my sister, and I went outside just to spend the day exploring stores and parts of Bangladesh. It was fun, but by the time we arrived home, we were all soaking wet! My water story is about the beach, the ocean and the rain.

Somewhere in the middle of July, my dad, my sister, and I were riding a “rickshaw” (a bicycle-type carriage), and going to a few small stores. The plan was to go see the ocean later. At the store, I bought myself a Harry Potter book and we went outside and explored a few more stores. A few hours passed, and as we went outside to go to another store, it started to rain. Really hard.

We hurried onto a rickshaw, and tried to go home. The thing is, we were a bit too far away from home, and we were soaking wet anyways, so we decided to go the beach! When we got to Cox’s Bazaar Beach, my dad wouldn’t let us play near the waters because he was scared something would happen to us. But just seeing the water in the rain was enough for me. It was really pretty, which is weird because I always thought rain was bad. But watching the rain hit the water was really cool. We also got SUPER hungry and ate some Bangladeshi-style KFC (yum!) and then hurried home. When we arrived home, we were all wet and tired, so we each took some time to dry off, and we all took a nice, long nap. It was a nice day.

I learned that water is really cool and important that day. Rain may not always be fun, and can make us angry by making us wet. At the same time, water (this includes rain!) helps the environment by watering plants and making dry soil moist. I hope other people can have the same experience as me so they can like and treat the water better.

Natasha Anita
Maisha Zaman

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