Lake Simcoe, ON - Ris Peiris

My Watermark is Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

Willow Beach was our favourite summer picnic and swim spot when our son was growing up. The trip was an hour’s drive away from where we lived, along the highway and a scenic country side road. I remember my son always asking in the car “are we almost there?” because long car rides was not something he liked. He did however look forward to swimming in the cool waters, building sand castles and the picnic afterwards. Willow beach is located in the Town of Georgina, Ontario and is part of Lake Simcoe.

The beach was a happy, peaceful and tranquil getaway from the hectic city life. The trip also brought back many nostalgic memories of countless trips to the beach as kids with our families when we were growing up. Coming from a country famous for its serene and beautiful sandy beaches, this annual trip to Willow Beach was almost a necessity. Even though we missed the palm trees and other scenery typical to tropical weather, we enjoyed watching the geese with their goslings and the seagulls hovering around. We would also gather seashells and flat stones of different hues and enjoyed the things that are native to Canada. There was always a slight breeze, and we could see clear reflections of ourselves in the water and sometimes we would spot a few fish. We do not make this trip to Willow Beach as often as before and I miss the relaxing times we had away from the city.

Lake Simcoe, ON
Senal Peiris
Ris Peiris

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