Sea of Galilee, Israel - Miriam Maes

On a trip to Israel, I went on a hike in Galilee with my summer camp. Galilee is a region in northern Israel, famed for its mountains, greenery, and above-all, water. The summer was hot and heat was merciless, making the hike exhausting. What motivated me to keep going was the beautiful view around me as well as the thought of the waterfall located at our destination. Galilee is a very popular destination for tourists looking to hike in Israel, so it is easy to meet people from all over the world while there. Among them was a couple from Europe who looked very tired. The couple approached us and asked for water – they didn’t bring enough to prepare for the hot summer day. Their eyes lighted up when we handed them two bottles of water. They looked genuinely excited. People typically drink water without giving it much thought, but not having it when we need it can be absolutely torturous. The couple seemed much happier and energized once they got water. They thanked us profusely, and we went in opposite directions. The waterfall was normally beautiful, but it was even more so that day because it was the final destination of our hike. My group jumped in, and the water cooled us off on the really hot summer day. I had looked forward to water the entire hike, and as a reward it took me into its embrace.

Jim Chen
Miriam Maes

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