Bow River, AB - Emily Keeler

I had a couple of ideas, I’m from Calgary and the Bow is a very important part of the city and it’s a thing that, every Calgarian has a relationship with the river.

Now I’ve lived in Toronto for 10 years so we’re right on Lake Ontario and I’ve been trying this past summer actually to make a real effort to go down to the lake. It seems strange to me that we have this beautiful space that most people who live in the city don’t actually use and it’s free and it’s at the bottom of the street car ride and it’s 10 minutes away on your bike but it just feels very separate from day to day life.

So this summer I’ve made a real choice to go down and look at the water and try to have my head cleared just by experiencing nature, even though it’s not the best nature. I go to the crappy beach but it’s still better than nothing.

I’m planning to talk about this project my mom took up in Calgary. She’s very obsessed with water and into astrology and my astrological sign is Cancer and I’m a double Cancer and Cancer’s are supposedly ruled by the moon and how we’re all mercurial and waterlike. I’ve never really bought too much into those ideas but my mom has felt really strongly connected to this. She tried to build me a pond in our back yard once, a serenity pond is what it was called. We dug up half the lot and there was this big square dirt thing and we just spent time in the dirt thing because we could never get the right lining. So instead of having a serenity pond we had a weird horrifying hole in the back yard for several years but I was pretty popular kid because kids like to come hang out in dirty holes.

Bow River, AB
Krystyn Tully
Emily Keeler

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