Bow River, AB - Alyssa W

My Watermark is Bow River, Alberta.

When I was young at the river, I ran through the wet sand chasing my uncle's dog and threw sticks in the river for him to swim for and bring back to me. Anxious for me to throw it again sometimes he’d even bark.

When I was young at the river, I wanted to stay forever and just keep playing but eventually I wanted to leave and go to Village, which in my opinion is the best ice cream shop in the world!

When I was young at the river, I slowly danced around on the beautiful, giant, steaming hot black rocks. I saw boats and canoes that were big and small and wide, wishing I could be there on the nice cold rippling water too.

I heard the drifting air creating quiet waves in the river and I ended up in my own world. My uncle's dog would speed past me and I'd happily get knocked back into reality. When I was young at the river, I didn’t want to be sitting at home watching TV or playing video games or texting. I wanted to be there in the beautiful summer sun by the river and that’s what I loved.

Bow River, AB
Alyssa W

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