Lake Ontario, ON - Rick Lindgren

My Watermark is eastern Lake Ontario, where I was born, raised and reside close to the water. Our island home is about 100 yards from the shoreline, and we get to see, experience and traverse the lake on a daily basis.

Over the decades, we follow the natural rhythms and seasonal cycles of Lake Ontario. In the winter, we go ice fishing for perch and walleye. In the spring, we hike through marshes and cast for catfish. In the summer, we swim at sandy beaches, camp at lakeside sites, canoe through quiet bays, and fish for bass, trout and salmon. On blustery fall days, we troll the whitecap waves for pike and muskies as we watch ducks and geese fly overhead.

At all times, we are grateful for the natural beauty and bounty of the lake, and we are appreciative of its life-sustaining functions, power and resilience.

Lake Ontario, ON
Chloe Cross
Rick Lindgren

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