Horseshoe Lake, ON - Stanley Assing

My Watermark is Horseshoe Lake and its associated rapids.

Located near Minden Ontario, in the Haliburton Highlands, I often went there to gain perspective, solace and healing. The water is calming and meditative, and I enjoy the Canadian outdoors especially in summer, as did my mom. Hence this lake was a favourite of hers also.

Between 2005 and 2008, we visited the area and spent time on the lakeshore and river banks discussing the universe, the meaning of life and anything else in between. By 2008, inoperable cancer had spread throughout her body and that summer we took our last outing, just she and I, together to the area. She could not hike much, and was always tired but when we got to the lake, she seemed invigorated and happy. We sat on some large rocks on the shore, reminiscing fondly about the past, celebrating the moment and pondering the future. It is a weekend I will hold on to forever, and for that reason Horseshoe Lake will always be special to me.

Horseshoe Lake, ON
Ruby Pajares
Stanley Assing

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