Lake Nipissing, Ontario - Victoria A

When I was young at lake Nipissing, I'd sit upon the rocks and play with the crabs. My feet just barely in the water. I can feel the fish swim by, lightly touching my feet. The waters temperature slowly going down.

When I was young at lake Nipissing, my sisters and I would race to the top of the tallest tree. A couple friendly squirrels would run by. Sharpe and itchy branches stab onto me. Anxiously waiting to get to the top. The clear blue sky so close I could touch it.

When I was young at lake Nipissing, the noises and the smells and the landscape. They all reminded me of peace. The smell of salt water enters my nose. The quiet hum of the birds and the little waves crashing on the rocks.

I watched as the small waves become bigger. The clear blue sky has become a bright orange. As the sun goes down I sit on the dock. Admiring the scenery in front of me. The days coming to an end. It's quiet and very peaceful. Lake Nipissing is finally going to sleep.

Lake Nipissing, ON
Victoria A

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