Lake Huron, ON - Alex F

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

When I young at the lake, I learned to swim day by day, getting better bit by bit. Swimming further and further while the waves were crashing against the sandy shore while I overtook the waves. The water would be crisp and cool, opposite of the warm air.

When I young at the lake, it would be hot and sunny with the sun beating down upon my skin and the sun shining in my eyes. Every step on the hot sand would make my feet burn until I reached the water and dipped my feet in.

When I young at the lake, I would look for sea glass while stepping on sand and pebbles and rocks. The waves would splash against my feet as I hear the sound of seagulls passing by. The waves would make the small rocks on the shore whoosh by my feet while all the heavy rocks would stay underneath the water.

When I young at the lake, I would fish with my two older brothers at the pier. I would listen to the sound of the waves hitting the pier. When I was young, we would catch and release the fish. I would see my fishing rod bend and I would feel a tug on the line, my body would fill with adrenaline as the thought of me catching a fish would enter my brain.

Lake Huron, ON
Alex F

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