Bernard Lake, ON - Carsen S

My Watermark is Bernard Lake, Ontario.

When I was young at Bernard Lake, my family and I built a dock and I spent the whole day with shorts on and my feet in the water. Later that day we went fishing YES!!! I caught a fish, my brother was in the water looking for clams and oysters and came back with a half a dozen. We went back to our cottage and started cooking the fish and the clams and the oysters, we had a great meal.

When I was young at Bernard Lake, my family and I spent many hours looking out on the water watching the ducks, geese, and minks. As the day passed and the night turns dark many stars show themselves. The fire crackles in the night as you hear the ashes cry. The water is like glass and doesn't dare make a noise.

When I was young at Bernard Lake, spending the day in the water is fun looking for frogs in the reeds and heated by the sun. Flipping rocks, to see what's underneath - little critters to find beneath. Fish and frogs, bears and rats wonder things are here at, Bernard Lake.

When I was young at Bernard Lake, at night we slept tight after an active day. With fun fresh air and adventures, all packed away. With fun and games to come another day. Bernard Lake is a special place where my cottage sits. And it is a place that I truly miss.

Bernard Lake, ON
Carsen S

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