Georgian Bay, ON - Mateo H

My Watermark is Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach I would always hear and see the water from far away. Falling asleep to the sound of waves was relaxing. It is very silent at night so it is easy to fall asleep.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach I would go swimming with my family in the nice warm water. You could never get bored in the water. It was not too deep or too shallow. It was just right. The nice cool weather made the day even better and made the sand nice and warm.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach there was a lot of people, too many for me to count. We looked around for food places and finally decided to get pizza. We got the pizza then walked back to the hotel to eat the food. We stayed at the hotel for the rest of the night.

When I was young at Wasaga Beach, waking up early to the sound of the water made me want to go back to sleep. Going to the beach every day was fun. I wish I could go back very soon because it is the best beach I have ever been to.

Georgian Bay, ON
Mateo H

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