Lake Huron, ON - Rachael M

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

When I was young at the lake, I sat on a wooden pier. My feet dangled off the side, just barely touching the cold water. Never heard a sound loud enough to disturb my sensitive ears. Birds and trees surrounding and water touching the tips of my toes, giving me chills all throughout my body.

At the Lake, I’d always wear my triangle shaped bathing suit top with knee high, ripped shorts. Sitting or walking along the pier, eating fresh fruits and listening to music that puts happy memories in my mind. Humming the lyrics softly, enjoying the relaxation of nature.

When I was young at the Lake, on rainy days I’d smell unpleasant scents,such as fish and mud mixed with the dirty lake water. I’d stare down at the water while I stood on the soaked grass. I looked down at the reflection of dozens of trees in my background. Easily getting zoned out just by concentrating on the water, the trees, the rocks I stand by, the birds, all the sounds of nature. Suddenly coming back to the real world.

Long rides in my family canoe, as water lapped over the sides. I’ll always be prepared in case if it tips over, as I have my life jacket strapped onto my chest tightly, I get a grip onto the straps dangling on the sides on my legs as the canoe speeds up. When I was young I never imagined falling in water unexpected, so young i couldn’t even swim, I was frightened of being in lake water in general,
to this day...

I still am.

Lake Huron, ON
Rachael M

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