Lake Huron, ON - Cadence L

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

When I was young at the lake I would swim with my friends in the frigid water. I loved going out to the sand bars and finding fish to chase. I would play with my football and water gun and build a sand castle. These were my lazy days. My friends and I would swim out so far that we couldn't even see our hands underneath the water or my parents on the beach. We were completely alone. It was just us, the sun glistening on the water and the trees behind the beach. I could hear the waves crash all day but I was beginning to get nervous and tired because we were unattended and in the middle of a lake with no view of whatever lies beneath us. I presumed my parents wanted us back so we swam and swam gradually the water cleared and we saw rocks and fish and sand.

When I was young at the lake we relaxed on the beach admiring the shiny water and forestry behind us. My dad and I would play football while my 6-year-old sister Coda would go up a steep slope with my beloved schnauzer Skylar. After, my friends and I would sit in the shade on a thin beige blanket and eat the most unhealthy chips possible and walk along the beach searching for cool striped rocks that reminded me of zebras and tigers and gazelles. Always my family would sit on the beach and look at the sunset, so we did. We sat alarmingly close to the waves and watches the night` roll in, it was beautiful. The sky was filled with exotic colors like pink and green and bright orange.

When I was young at the lake we created a fire so we would be warm at night, I enjoyed the crackling fire, the fun games my family and friends would play and the bright stars reflecting off of the calm water. My feet were pressed in the sand and my eyes glued to the fire. The air was as cold as a blizzard and I was huddled dangerously close to the bright fire. My dad then brought out the thing that made my day even better… Fireworks. They popped and crackled in the sky as dark as the lake is deep . I admired the colors and we enjoyed the show The sparks flew from the fascinating explosions.

When I was young at the lake I would run and swim and build sand castles. I enjoyed the company of my family as I ate juicy watermelon in the shade I would have water gun fights with my sister, I always won. Later we’d admired the most colorful sunsets and sit on the wharf. At night, we would all huddle around the fire and stare at the stars. These were the times I was stress-free and I could fully enjoy the prodigious Lake Huron.

Lake Huron, ON
Cadence L

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