Georgian Bay, ON - Karim W

My Watermark is at Wasaga Beach on Georgian Bay.

When I was young at the beach, I made sandcastle’s with my sister and cousins. We laughed all day like we were the kings of the kingdom. We were on the edge of the beach, and the water was splashing back and forth. Nothing beats the sound of the shore and laughter of family.

When I was young at the beach I loved hearing the waves while sailing on a boat. I looked back at all the people at the beach having fun enjoying the sun and water and sand. There were smiles everywhere across the beach. I loved seeing all the fish in the water while looking down at them from the boat.

When I was young at the beach I collected clam shells. I opened each one hoping to find a pearl. My mom would always join along with me. Joy and fun was the only thing going on at the beach.

So many great memories at Wasaga Beach. Sitting on the beach watching the waves, nothing beats that. I will never forget the times I've spent there. I hope I return there again soon.

Georgian Bay, ON
Karim W

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