Gulf of Mexico, Cuba - Alex C

The Gulf of Mexico, it sparkled as if a thousand diamonds had been embedded in its water. The waves crashed on the beach. I felt the water. It was warm and after a while the water started to calm down and the waves, as well as the people, disappeared. One by one the people left and went back to the main part of the resort. Eventually, I was the only one left. Floating, drifting away in the water.

Eventually it was time for dinner so I got out of the water. Afterwards most of the other people went to the pool. It was a beautiful pool with a half under water bar and beautiful lights all around but still for some reason I still wanted to go back to the beach. When I got there there were lights even brighter and more beautiful than before. They were stars. I hadn’t been to that beach at night before. It was amazing. The stars reflected off the water making it even more beautiful than before.

Then I felt something touch my leg under the water. It was a fish. It scared me because it’s not very safe to swim by yourself in the middle of the night in the ocean. So I decided to get out and swim again the next day.

The next day I got to the beach and my dad was holding a bunch of snorkeling masks. He said there was a coral reef nearby so we went to go see it. We brought bananas to feed them because apparently they like it more than bread and they were sooo right.

I was swarmed by these beautiful yellow and black fish, as if I were in a tornado of fish. At first I was scared because there were tons of fish swimming towards me, but eventually I realized how beautiful and majestic it was. Then I saw the brain coral that my dad told me about. He said If you put food right outside of the coral there’s a chance that a purple fish would come out and grab it… and it did. It was small but amazing. It’s fins were like feathers as it glided through the water. That fish was by far my favourite fish I saw, and that brings me to the end of my story. Thank you for taking the time to read this and remember water is amazing.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Alex C

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