Ottawa Riverkeeper has been involved in 66 watermarks.
Ottawa Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity and a member of the Waterkeeper Alliance that is dedicated to protecting the ottawa river and its tributaries. Ottawa Riverkeeper’s mission is to achieve a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Ottawa River by providing leadership and inspiring action to protect, promote and improve the river’s health and future.
Lake Simcoe, ON
Cathy Emms
Lake Simcoe, ON
Robin Hutchison
Lake Superior, ON
Autumn Peltier
Lake Temagami, ON
Kathleen Edwards
Lake Vernon, ON
Charlotte Heller
Little Green Lake, QC
Kimberly Bray
Atlantic Ocean, France
Alymuhammad Irani
McKay Lake, ON
Chloe Hillier
Mink Lake, ON
Emma Arsenault
Mississagua Lake, ON
Ella Lake
Mooneys Bay, ON
Julie Breslin
Ottawa River, QC
Carina Harb
Ottawa River, ON
Alana Couvrette
Ottawa River, ON
Emily Forster
Ottawa River, ON
Emily Toma
Ottawa River, ON
Eric Campbell
Ottawa River, ON
Kathryn Nicol
Ottawa River, ON
Marny Girard
Ottawa River, ON
Meaghan Kelly
Ottawa River, ON
Melissa Mascarenhas
Ottawa River, ON
Paige Westeinde
Ottawa River, ON
Paul Dewar
Ottawa River, ON
Peter VanRoon
Ottawa River, ON
Sahar Seif