Georgian Bay, ON - Tanner Paré

My Watermark is Georgian Bay and Lake Ontario, ON.

I wouldn’t say there is one particular waterbody that I feel most connected to.

However when I was a kid, I did spend a lot of time of Georgian Bay, Ontario, at a good friend’s cottage. Everyday we would go out on his boat, ride in the water and then jump off cliffs. It was lot’s of fun.

I spent a lot of time there as a kid, but I haven’t been back there in years. As a kid I really liked to wakeboard, but I’m not really into it anymore. Now, I like sitting on a floaty in the water.

I also recently had a lot of really good experiences with water. My girlfriend and I drove out to the east coast. Her grandmother lives close by, so we spent everyday on the Atlantic Ocean, eating fish and ships, relaxing on the beach, and going swimming. It was amazing and a beautiful day, everyday.

Georgian Bay, ON
Dana Jackson
Tanner Paré

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