Lake Ontario, ON - Bailey M

My watermark is Lake Ontario.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I remember having my granola bar, my fruit punch and my fish crackers while I was pushed in my stroller by my Mom. The salty breeze from the shore hitting my face. I would be looking around at the seagulls eating garbage.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I walked with my family on the dock towards the lighthouse. I went to the park by following the dirt trail. I loved the scenery of the fiesty red-breasted robins, the lush green grass and the fern shady trees.

When I was young at Lake Ontario, I would eat cold refreshing vanilla ice cream from my favourite ice cream shop. It dripped from my chin. After I took my shoes off, I was joyful to feel the wet squishy sand between my toes. Then, I gathered small jagged silvery rocks to add to my collection.

As I watched the sailboats sail away to signal the end of the day, I had a sad feeling because I didn’t want to leave. However, my Mom always told me that we would be back and Lake Ontario would still be there. When I was young, I couldn’t wait until my next trip to savour the mesmerizing dark blue glittering water at Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario, ON
Bailey M

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