Lake Superior, ON - Olga T

When I was young at Lake Superior, my cousins and I would always ride our bikes along the rocky path by the river. We could smell the fresh air and feel the sun beaming on our faces. I would always enjoy going up to the lake to have the weekend with my cousins. My oldest cousin would always prepare lunch for everyone before we left home. We ate sandwiches and strawberries and blueberries. Also, my favorite type of popsicle was strawberry. We would go to the variety store down the street from the house to get them.

When I was young at Lake Superior, my oldest cousin taught me how to use roller skates. Since I was only little at the time, I needed to hold onto a nearby tree so I didn't fall. Behind the lake or as we liked to call it as kids “The hidden lake”, there was a forest with lots of trees. There were maple trees and oak trees and evergreen trees and lots and lots of them. The forest was so big, we thought it never had an end to it. It was the perfect place by the lake to roller skate.

When I was young at Lake Superior, we always loved nature and the environment. My cousins and I would each get a bag to collect any garbage we found in and around the lake. We would have a competition and who ever would collect the most garbage would get extra ice cream later that day. My cousins and I cared very much to clean up the environment and make sure no garbage was in sight.

As the sun set, we could hear the crackling of the marshmallows roasting over the fire. The fire was super hot so it toasted the marshmallows very quickly. It was always an experience heading up to Lake Superior to visit my cousins.

Lake Superior, ON
Olga T

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